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Paper Cuts


I’m pretty sick of everything I shoot. I am so bored of pretty girls, good composition and contrasty monochromes. It’s all so real and plastic. Like eating sweets, it feels great for a few minutes but turns to sugary cancer over time.

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Taxi in the streets below Johannesburg, ZA.

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-32

One of my favourite shots from my last mission into town and one of the last shots from Jozi that I will be posting for a while. Leading lines with a taxi in the streets below.

A flower nestled in a ray of light, Hogsback, ZA.


This was one of my favourite shots from a trip to Hogsback a while ago, Its technically not perfect.. But it was an awesome setting late in the afternoon. Super tricky low light hand held stuff, right at the end of a long day hike.

For me this shot evokes a sense of how organic the world really is, visiting a place with such magnitude of beauty reminded me that the world isn’t all brick and mortar and that nature will always find a way to reach out and exist.

The centre, Johannesburg, ZA

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-30

Looking down the center of a building in the city.

The braai and deck chairs on stand-bye.

Joey in the skatepark


Decided to post something a little different from all the Jo’burg stuff this week.. So heres a frame of Joey from a shoot we did late last year. I’ll post a few more from this shoot over the next week or two.

Induction pipes, Johannesburg, ZA

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-19

A pile of air-conditioning pipes lay in the basement of a Johannesburg building.

Rooftopping, Johannesburg,South Africa

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-8

Looking out the top of a rooftop in Johannesburg, South Africa

Mechanical animal, Johannesburg, South Africa

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-11

Library Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa

Library gardens