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My new website is almost complete! And I’m very excited to be leaving wordpress and all the unsolicited advertising 😛


Thanks for bearing with me. Onward and Upward!

So long wordpress

I’m going to be leaving soon. Leaving more than wordpress to be honest. I’m planning a new website that will easily show my personal and commercial work to people who want to see it. It’s not going to be a quick transition so in the meantime you can stay up to date with my personal projects and work by checking out my 500px profile. click the pic below to check it out and click “follow this blog” right here to stay up to date with the progress of my new changes as they happen. I will still be writing things, I’m just not sure where or when that will happen. But it will be much more personal and very different to all the junk on this blog 😛

Peace and stardust.

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So I have been very quiet lately..


What’s new.

Well, In the last few weeks, errr, months I have been busy. Not making millions, or saving cats from trees. Just living in reality, well, mostly. I have been posting a few images on instagram.. Some of the usual pretty things but other than that my online life has slowed down even slower than usual. come to think of it,  I have been posting the odd image to my 500px account, you can check that out if you are keen.

I’m working on a personal portrait project that is going to be fun, It’s going to be fantasy based and I will be using regular folk that volunteer for it. I plan to get it shot by the end of winter or early spring. If you live in South Africa and are interested in getting involved go fill out this form .

I’ve also been helping build “Awakening” the lst few weeks which is the temple artwork for AfrikaBurn 2016, It is probably one of the greatest things I have ever signed up for and needless to say in a few weeks I will be taking the journey back into the dust. I have some cool ideas and a couple rolls of Black & White medium format film that are making my hands itch!

There are so many photos that I really need to just sit down and edit but in the meantime here’s a few pics of what I have been up to lately 🙂

Hello pluto001 copycastle gorge 5D copyB22-8The Suit round 1-4Birds cloudy-2 copyMika_Rain003 copyLunarIlluminated copy


Well, theres only onward and upward from here.

I most likely wont publish another blog post till after the burn.. And it might be a long time till the dust clears from my ears. I’ll probably keep posting on Instagram as I go along, its just the easiest platform for me at the moment.


Thanks for reading.







Dark side of the moon

Lunar 04-2



Jozi, I just can’t love you anymore.


The Hoonicorn

KenBlock Drift (1 of 1)

Ken Blocks 845hp 1965 custom four wheel drive mustang. Sexy AF.

Those who keep us safe





Josiah. I first saw him a couple of months back and was quite interested in why he had armour made of old car tyres, after a couple of missions looking for him I finally saw him again and started to speak with him asking about the armour he permanently wears. Unfortunately his English and my Zulu are equally as poor so I still have absolutely no idea what it’s all about… He stood for a portrait like a champ and I will give him a print when I next see him.


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